Sorry CodeStock, Better Luck in 2021!

I was very disappointed to hear CodeStock 2020 has been canceled due to the global pandemic. I had been accepted as a speaker for the first time to present a talk on software anti-patterns. I definitely plan to resubmit the talk to CodeStock 2021, and I thought I would post the talk’s title and abstract here for those curious:

Software Anti-Patterns: Search and Destroy!

As software engineers, we often consult the Gang of Four design patterns for solutions to common coding problems. While the ability to employ design patterns is critical in developing scalable, maintainable systems, it’s equally important to understand how systems should NOT be designed. In this talk, we will identify and discuss solutions to software anti-patterns that can emerge in our code base or even our own development processes. A background in object-oriented programming and/or software architecture is recommended. Code examples to be provided in C#.