CodeStock 2022 - It's great to be back!

This week marks the first time I’ve attended a large in-person conference since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. It was a great feeling to be back talking code with other developers outside of a Zoom window. Plus, I got to speak for the first time! My software anti-patterns session was accepted this year after having been cancelled in 2020. The presentation went well, and I got to hear new perspectives on the topic that I hadn’t thought about before.

Here is a link to my software anti-patterns slide deck.

There were several other talks at CodeStock that I found interesting:

  • Richard Goforth gave a great talk on advanced security features that have recently become available on Github.
  • David Neal presented an overview of the history (and quirkiness) of JavaScript.
  • Cameron Presley walked us through an example project to demonstrate 3 fundamental concepts of functional programming–pure functions, immutability, and composition.